Vote Vladimir

Vladimir Reznik

for paralegal Bencher

Balance Fiscal Responsibility with Fiscal Equity

  • Ensure fiscal discipline and restraint in reducing the operating budget;
  • Lower paralegal fees to remove barriers to providing legal services;
  • Introduce additional low-fee categories to recognize special needs of licensees who are disproportionately affected due to age, health, family structure, and other inequities;
  • Facilitate transparency and proactive two-way engagement with licensees, educational institutions, and associations;
  • Enable the option of paralegal participation in Legal Aid and LAWPRO.

Responsible and Efficient Governance

  • Increase paralegal bencher representation at the LSO to proportionate levels;
  • Scrutinize adjudicative and investigative ethics and conflicts;
  • Strengthen independence and fairness of the Law Society Tribunal by removing cost recoveries and by establishing an arm’s length adjudicator appointment committee;
  • Establish a policy statement against regulating thought, ideology, and expression.
  • End the pandemic of frivolous, vexatious, and politically motivated complaints and weaponizing of the Tribunal and discipline process.

Access to Competence and Professional Development

  • Enhance paralegal competence and standards of education;
  • Raise awareness in the Justice community and the public of the excellent work that paralegals are capable of;
  • Expand paralegal scope into immigration, appeals, and enhance family law to a meaningful scope;
  • Oppose second-tier licensing requirements such as FLSP;
  • Research and expand paralegal scope into other areas such as drafting of residential leases and private tribunals and ADR where paralegals already possess sufficient competence.

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