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I got to know Vladimir as a classmate in the paralegal program. I can attest to Vladimir’s many skills and abilities.

As a former classmate, one that stands out for me the most for his role as a bencher is that, as an adjudicator, he would be a real credit to the Law Society Tribunal. I remember in a rather unusual turn, our instructor in Small Claims appointed Vladimir as a Judge in our own Mock Trial. As college students, some of us did not even think this was a particularly onerous role. In the end, Vladimir demonstrated an exceptional ability to manage the trial while being entirely impartial and he delivered his work in a very expeditious manner. Within 5 days after the 4-hour trial, he came back with a 27-page decision, meticulously citing every relevant piece of evidence and testimony, supporting every conclusion with copious case law, a profound and impartial credibility analysis, and an in-depth legal analysis from alternative standpoints. I still sometimes refer to his work when preparing for trials in similar matters.

Impartiality, depth of legal research, expeditious turn around time, those are all the qualities we are looking for in a tribunal adjudicator.

Additionally, I can speak to Vladimir’s high ethics and integrity making him perfectly suited for a role as a bencher. I, therefore, wholeheartedly endorse Vladimir Reznik to be elected as a bencher of the Law Society of Ontario.
Wendy Burgess
Wendy Burgess
Paralegal, W. J. Burgess Legal Services
I recognize Vladimir as someone who is mature, balanced, and someone who understands the current issues. I see him as someone who will be a fierce advocate for paralegals’ role in access to justice. Standing confident in his convictions, grounded and well-researched in his arguments, Vladimir is articulate and persuasive, a great fit to address the current challenges at the Convocation from the paralegal’s perspective. We need to elect a bencher who is free from political biases, loyalties, and conformity, a bencher who is not just going to continue to acquiesce to the continued status quo.

Please join me to elect Vladimir Reznik as a paralegal bencher in 2023.
Nominated by Leon Presner
Leon Presner
Paralegal, Defend-it Legal Services
I have known Vladimir since paralegal program at Cestar College. Vladimir has demonstrated thorough understanding of legal principles and exceptional legal research ability. His passion for law is highly prevalent. He is also an innovative paralegal that has the ability to think outside the box in his search for answers. Vladimir will be a great asset to paralegal bench with his innovative ideas and combined experiences in different areas of law. 
Nominated by Jocy Zhu

Jocy Xiaojie Zhu
Paralegal, Prosecutor, City of Toronto
It gives me pleasure to fully endorse Vladimir Reznik in his campaign to become a Bencher for the Law Society of Ontario.
I had the opportunity to first meet Vladimir as one of his instructors during his studies in a Paralegal Program.
I was struck by his honesty and openness at first and later by his conviction and adherence to his principles.
I became aware of his meticulous research into matters that interested him, and those which I assigned. He took every opportunity to fully examine both sides of each issue before providing an excellent and well thought out position. His arguments were factual and reasoned.
I can think of no one I would choose to represent my position in the upcoming election.
It is my belief that there could be no better candidate for bencher than Vladimir Reznik.
Photo 6 George
George Thelwell
Paralegal, Program Co-Ordinator (Retired)
For those paralegals in my network who have the right to vote for our benchers, I recommend casting one of your votes (too bad it can't be all your votes) to Vladimir Reznik. I have silently watched Vladimir over the past few years in our various social media paralegal groups and have found him to be mature, respectful, knowledgeable and articulate. These are key factors I look for in a candidate. The ability to articulate one's position in a professional, respectful way, even in the face of personal attacks by some with opposing views, is something Vladimir has proven to be capable of. I have had the pleasure of being connected to Vladimir via a mutual friend (and paralegal) which allowed him and I to have a wonderful one-on-one discussion. It is without hesitation that I recommend voting for Vladimir.
Madelaine McKenzie
Madelaine McKenzie
Paralegal, Mentor
Those who still think where their vote should go, I tell you that whomever you vote for is good, but do not forget to include Vladimir Reznik in your list. I voted Vladimir Reznik and four other people.

I can not pass by Vladimir Reznik, because of his principles, his knowledge, and his integrity. Those qualities is exactly what we need in our representative in the LSO.
Oleksandr Pichugin
I am voting for a candidate who is capable of restoring unity and common sense in Convocation, the candidate who is capable of inspiring respect for paralegal profession among lawyers and the public.

He is intelligent and unafraid of taking risks.

He has a clear vision for the future of our profession and he knows how to get us there.

He is capable of commanding respect of and speaking effectively to both sides of the rift.

He has shown a dedication and passion for making our profession better in public interest.

Please join me in voting today for Vladimir Reznik.
Mark H. Stoute
Vladimir and I shared several insightful conversations and I got to know him as a person. We talked about recognizing suffering, recognizing being discriminated against and marginalized, and overcoming these barriers. It’s close to my heart. I really feel that in the 21st Century it is shocking that we have not been able to overcome the stigma of judging people based on race, culture, religion. I have confidence that Vladimir’s insights and experience make him a valuable advocate for diversity in the paralegal profession.

Vladimir also strikes me as an intellectual who ponders deeply at issues at hand. He strikes me as someone who can be firm in his convictions and at the same time I see a deal maker who is capable of building bridges to get the job done.

As the president of the Ontario Paralegal Association, I am very careful with who I will support, and I trust Vladimir to represent the paralegal profession with integrity and to raise the prestige and value of our profession in the public eye and for the Convocation.
George Brown
Paralegal, President of the Ontario Paralegal Association
At the top of the pandemic, it was clear that a bold voice was required with a focus on Diversity as it related to global humanity awareness of barriers and their affects on community mental health and well-being.
Vladimir exhibited a keen interest in the challenges experienced by many community cultures, with a specific focus on the experiences of those of the African diaspora and those who identify with the construct of the black race.
This interest and willingness to facilitate discussion with community was an unprecedented demonstration of compassion, genuine empathy and clear understanding of the need to shed light on the lived experiences of his fellow community members.
His willingness to take the ‘risk’ inherent in treading in uncharted territory demonstrated character of leadership.
This display of character during times of risk, instability and micro aggressive social culture trends is what is required in governance and ultimately supportive leadership.

With this, I endorse Vladimir Reznik for Paralegal Bencher of the Law Society of Ontario
Nominated by Michelle Francis
Michelle Francis
Paralegal, Law Society CAN Advisor, MAP Peer, Mental Health Summit Panelist
I met Vladimir Reznik in 2008 during his tenure as an Executive Director of Panama Festival and Expo in Toronto. We have kept in touch since.
I can recommend Vladimir for his astute business sense, excellent work ethics, and core values.

Through his dedication, compassion, and deep understanding of Panamanian people and culture, he helped us in delivering exceptional Panamanian events in Toronto for 2 years.

I understand that he is currently running for directorship with the Law Society of Ontario. I wish him the best of success.
It is my recommendation that Vladimir would be a true asset to any public board he is elected to serve.
Testimonial Carlo Escobar
Francisco Carlo Escobar
Former Ambassador of Panama to Canada, Cuba, and PRChina

What others have said about Vladimir in the past*

* the following are excerpts from reference letters issued to Vladimir in the past.
 these are not endorsements for election as a bencher, and merely illustrate past recommendations 

I came to know Mr. Vladimir Reznik a few years ago when his paralegal office was down the hall from my own private practice as a sole practitioner. He discussed some of his cases with me. As a result, I became acquainted with him and his work style over time.

It was his work style that impressed me the most. I found him to be diligent, thorough, and very professional. I would recommend him for a license as a private investigator any time. I feel that he would be an asset to this profession due to his attention to detail and his overall approach to his work. I feel he is very ethical and takes an equivalent to a professional approach to every undertaking he takes on.

I have found him to be a very bright, energetic and knowledgeable person whenever I have had dealings with him. I believe that he would be a credit and an asset. In my opinion, he would have no difficulty in doing the work he has chosen to do. He handles his present work very similar to a professional person. Therefore his request should be considered seriously.

I highly recommend him for his future endeavours.
J. Edward R. White
Supervisor, Family, Duty Counsel. Legal Aid Ontario. ~2003
I specialize in immigration and refugee law. In this capacity I have come to know Mr. Reznik very well. I have worked with him on many files involving refugee claimants from the former Soviet Union. Their issues have often been complex. Their suffering often very palpable.

Mr. Reznik's work has been both as an interpreter and as a law clerk, and quite often he has prepared written narratives on behalf of refugee claimants which are much more comprehensive and competent than a number of lawyers in the field.
Harvey Savage
Semi-retired adjudicator, Immigration and Refugee Board. ~1995
Vladimir Reznik was employed by our firm in a temporary capacity while replacing my assistant.

Mr. Reznik has demonstrated excellent skills as well as solid knowledge in the areas of disability, personal injury and accident benefits. He was able to instantly adjust to our highpaced environment and demonstrated excellent performance on all tasks assigned to him. From his very first days on the job he required minimal orientation and supervision, and always performed his assignments with substantial speed and accuracy.
Lorne Farovitch
Lawyer. Capp, Shupak, ~2003
I have known Vladimir Reznik for the past two years. He operates a paralegal and immigration consultant business in the office next to mine. There are a number of lawyers in our office building and all regard Vladimir Reznik a valued colleague in the legal field.

Vladimir is a self-taught paralegal and immigration consultant who has been of great help to his clientele which largely comes from the Russian immigrant community in Toronto. He has had a very broad experience in legal matters from his activities as a small claims court agent; as an agent in provincial division summary criminal matters and as an immigration consultant. · He is very motivated and conducts his business with great enthusiasm.
Clifford P. Moss
Barrister & Solicitor. ~1995
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