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the candidate
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Toronto, Ontario/Canada - August 29 2019:  Osgoode Hall, home of the Law Society of Ontario, built in the beautiful Palladian and Neoclassical style of architecture from the late Georgian era.

On April 28, 2023
Vote Vladimir for paralegal bencher!

“With experiences ranging from legal services and investigations to business management and international events, I now offer my skills, knowledge, and dedication to advancing access to justice through strengthening the paralegal profession, and I ask you to elect me as your bencher.” 

My Vision is to be a strong, persuasive voice for paralegals in responsible and efficient governance

“I am an independent candidate who is free from any conflict, conformity, or loyalty to any slate, bloc, coalition, or association.  I am loyal exclusively to the trust my voters place upon me to serve with integrity, transparency, objectivity, and sound judgement.”

“Access to Justice is best served by removing barriers and inequities paralegals face at all levels of regulation, including access to competence and professional development, financial burdens, tribunal justice, and scope of practice.”

My Mission is to advance access to justice by strengthening the paralegal profession

Meet Vladimir Reznik

I started as an immigration paralegal in 1992, and witnessed the evolution of paralegals from entry bar as low as the cost of business cards and typewriter to where we are today.  While I also chose to pursue other ventures, I proudly came full circle to rejoin the profession.  

Although I come from the same backgrounds as paralegal veterans, I also have recent first-hand knowledge of newcomers’ challenges including gaps in education and the urgent need for raising the bar and the prestige of our profession.

Proudly nominated by five outstanding leaders in the paralegal profession:

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